Dodgers Dine On Astro Burgers, Chomp Game One

rascalsoftheravine influence

October 24, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

Larry King was front and center in his Brooklyn hat.

Screw Brooklyn!

Yeah, we’re sick of L.A. being painted in an unfavorable light when they compare the cities, fans, etc…screw em, indeed…people move from NY to here, not the other way around…

Kringle’s two-run blast in the sixth! Taylor’s solo smash in the first!

If he had any sense, his nickname would be Tinker…

Did you hear what Joe Buck said about—

No, we mute the TV in our luxury box and listen to The Fall, you gotta problem with that?

Grotesque! Kind of like that ump behind home plate tonight who decided to lower the strike zone to the ankles…

Grotesque is great, but we’re Hex Enduction Hour men…

Did you see Mr. 1966 in the crowd tonight? We thought David Candy made the scene! 

Mary Hart was all smiles and handclaps too, it was nice to see…

Do you guys still have the hots for Mary Hart?

Let’s just say that we didn’t watch E.T. for the entertainment news…

My lucky Dodger album is Black Sabbath Vol. 4, it all started with the Cubs sweep in the 2008 NLDS…

They apparently spent much of that recording session “Snowblind”…kind of like our most of our staff at Game Three of that ’08 sweep (saw Anthony Kiedis at that game, field level, “Freaky Styley” may have been shouted as our entire staff witnessed that RHCP tour at Royce Hall, 1985 or ’86, two dollar admission, Dot 3 opened)

Didn’t George Clinton produce that?

Yes, and he was indebted to his cocaine dealer (full circle) so he let him perform on the album! That’s his voice on “Yertle the Turtle”!

Is this real?

It still seems like a wild dream, even though the Dodgers already won the first game of THE WORLD SERIES…move over Orpheus!

Cocteau’s vision of Orpheus seems like it was a big influence on Twin Peaks

The Cocteau Twins seem like they were a big influence on Twin Peaks

Hey there, Orpheus!

David Candy? The Make-Up?

Can the Dodgers take Game Two?

Is this real?

Until next time, mirth-seekers!!!

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