Big Five? Dodgers Clinch NL West Again (Yawn)


September 23, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

Tommy Lasorda strode through the champers drenched locker room like an Italian Terminator as the Dodgers won their fifth NL West title in-a-row.

Take that, hated ones!

It was nice, but the fans don’t really care. There is only one goal, one dream…

A young, blind ice skater twirls her way into America’s hearts with an Olympic gold medal performance for the ages!

Uh, wrong dream…

Don’t ever say Lasorda doesn’t have his beer goggles on! Tommy Brew-hama!

Yeah, he looked insane…the expression on his face in that pic (see the Dodgers twitter page for the photo) is the look that he gives us during Spring Training…

It screams “I am hungover, and I will kill you all”!


Now what?

Now rascalsoftheravine takes a hiatus until the playoffs start, Jamaica here we come!

Speaking of Jamaica, the Dodgers have won their fifth (Big Five) straight NL West title. Is Big Five the best reggae record of all time?

It is a great one…Prince Buster dominated Orange Street…from boxer to DJ/soundsystem lord to singer…check out Prince Buster Live also, it was recorded in England in ’65 or ’66, insane stuff…The English Beat covered a couple of his tracks…

Dodger fans are starting to resemble Braves fans in the ‘90s (yeah, great, another division title, just get to the damn World Series and win, meatballs)

That’s kinda true, but there won’t be any empty seats at Dodger Stadium during the DL like there were in Atlanta…

So you guys will really be MIA till the playoffs begin?

Yeah, the season’s basically over, we’re a little banged up, there isn’t a rascalsoftheravine staffer that isn’t hobbling around in some way, so we need a breather before the madness begins…

Didn’t Madness get their name from a Prince Buster song?


Who’s pitching today?

We don’t care, the regular season is over…

Oh, right…well what am I supposed to ask then?

You could ask for a better route from the west side to central L.A.

Is there a better way than Wilshire?

You take Wilshire? You poor sap! Get down to Barrington and take Missouri east to Sawtelle, then hop on Olympic down to Highland, take 3rd east from there…

When will rascalsoftheravine return?

The day before the playoffs begin.

I’ll just have to play “The Day Before You Came” by Blancmange until you guys return…

It was actually an ABBA song, Blancmange covered it (and charted higher in the UK charts as it reached no. 22)

In Japan it reached No. 5!

And we’ve come full circle!

Until next time, mirth-seekers!!

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