Dodgers Downed Again As Phils Phoil Clinch-Cinch

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September 21, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

The natives are restless.

Dodger fans all over the city are biting nails and gobbling Alka-Seltzer at an incredible rate. Los Dogs have regressed to mediocrity as the overachieving club that dominated the game after the All-Star break seems to have all but have disappeared…final score: Phillies 7, Dodgers 5. The Dodgers will try to avoid a four-game sweep this morning at 10:05 local time. Los Dogs have now lost 20 of their last 25 games as they limp towards the postseason…how bout them Rams?

Do you think the Rams can take the 49ers on the road tonight?

Normally we’d tell you that this isn’t a Rams blog, but what the hell, Los Dogs are too depressing to discuss right now…

When is the Dodger clinch party going to start?

Well, they’ve already clinched a playoff spot, they’re just trying to win the West at this point…they really should just keep the corks in the champers until they get to the World Series though…anything short of that simply won’t do…at least that’s what Mary Poppins told us.

Who’s pitching today?

Five Inning-Fanny, we warned you that he’d stand pat at a dozen games this season…he has “12-game winner” tattooed on his forehead…he’s useless after August…

What about for the Phills?

Mark “Bic” Leiter…the man likes to play with fire.

Is “Play With Fire” the best song that The Rolling Stones ever recorded?


Arthur Brown’s “Fire” isn’t bad either…


Is Heather Locklear in Firestarter?

Yeah, we saw her at a Ralph’s in Encino one morning…she looked angrier than on that TJ Hooker episode where Romano snaps her bra…

Until next time, mirth-seekers!!!

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