Dodgers Decide To Take Rest Of Season Off

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September 11, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

What a strange season. A weird year! From historic highs to sorry skids…the Dodgers have lost ten games in-a-row…seems like they’ve been resting at 92 wins for at least a week and-a-half (cue canned laughter.)

We have no more answers, we’re fresh out of quips and cursebreakers…the skid continues and Los Dogs seem determined to crap out all the way…

The Giants are licking their chops…

Oh, you know Fran-Fran would love to pile on with a three-game sweep…

Yeah they would love to kick Los Dogs while they’re down…things could get crazy in Foggytown…who will Jared Goff root for?

Speaking of Goff, how about that win yesterd—

THIS IS NOT A RAMS BLOG! It was fun, though…

Who’s pitching for the Dodgers?

The ORIGINAL Five-Inning Fanny…he’s not very good on the road…

What about for the hated ones?

Chris “Otter” Stratton…a legend at Faber College until Dean Vernon Wormer revoked Delta’s charter…we’ll get you Marmalard…

Will the losing streak end in Fran-Fran?

We think so…the question is: Can the Dodgers get back to their winning ways before the playoffs begin?  Not mega-winning streak-winning but winning-winning…

Does Austin Slater shop at Stater Bros.?

Of course.

Was Kelby Tomlinson an extra in the original Nutty Professor (1963)?

You know it.

How much Mac and Cheese does Mac Williamson consume?

If you lined up all the noodles he eats in a month, they would reach the planet Saturn.

Wasn’t Sean McVay born in the back seat of a Saturn?


Until next time, mirth-seekers!

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