Brewers Drink Darvish and Dodgers Under Table

Dodger Scooters

August 27, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

Who downed Dashing Darvish?

He wasn’t murdered or anything…he only gave up three runs…Los Dogs were having problems at the plate #nobellingernoruns…even stranger was the fact that the Dodgers actually lost a series

Did the Brew Crew have a no-no going until the sixth inning?

Yep, it was starting to look grim until urbane Utley broke it up…No-Nickname Seager drove him in…Kringle ripped an RBI double to make it 3-2…Los Dogs couldn’t get it done in the end, though…final score Brewers 3, Dodgers 2.

Are the Dodgers crashing back down to Earth?

Their clubhouse is well stocked with greenies, so low energy shouldn’t be a problem—

That’s not what I meant—

We know…look, we’ll see what happens in the series against the D-Backs…Bellinger will be back soon…it’s too early to tell at the moment…what happened in Pittsburgh with Hill could be a bad omen, though…

Damn your omens! Are those really greenies in the Dodger Clubhouse? I just thought they had a green M&M rider, like Beck or some other wacko star…

The Dodgers have just recently switched over to French Blues as they go with the uniform better…half the team has also taken to riding Lambretta Scooters…

Do the Dodgers have the day off tomorrow?

Yeah, it’s another trip to Arizona, so you know what that means…

We’ll catch an even “Atom Tan” at a nuclear test site?


Rich Hill will win the state lottery but the Dodgers will lose his ticket?

Haha, no…

Did Zack Godley play guitar for Ozzy right after Randy Rhoads died?

Yep, and he’s pitching against Hill on Tuesday…WHICH MEANS…

Another rascalsoftheravine road trip! Tequila Towers here we come! Wait, I heard that China Crisis rented out the entire joint, though!

Not to worry, I arranged for our usual crash den at Camelback Ranch…

Concession Room 2? Not again, I hate the constant smell of Funyuns and Dippin’ Dots…

Hey, it’s better than a flea trap on Indian School Road…

At least those motels have tawdry prostitutes roaming the grounds…

Kind of like the Dodger Clubhouse!

And we’ve come full circle!

Until next time, mirth-seekers!!!

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