Grandy Man & Puig Plunder Pirates, Anger Johnny Depp

ken nordine meets rascalsoftheravine

August 21, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

King Curt tortures seafarers…

King Kurt played at Ridiculous Sponsor Park?

rascalsoftheravine loves King Kurt

If only it were so…sadly, Greg “The Smeg” Clayton and Alan “Maggot” Power were nowhere to be seen…

Ah. You guys are referring to Granderson’s Grand Salam-Salam…

“Baby, please! I am not from Havana…”

Puig’s panache finished em’ off, eh?

Yep, Yasiel’s having the best season of his career…

How about that Daniel’s Jewelers “Trip Around The Diamond!”

They’re not paying us…but Diamond by Spandau Ballet is a fine record…

Did it really take 12 innings to beat the Pirates?

Yes, and Luis Avilan, fetish boot designer (check our photos for his ad) earned the win…final score: Dodgers 6, Pirates 5.

Seriously, I could listen to Steiner or Monday read Daniel’s Jewelers commercials all day…

Yeah, Ken Nordine would be proud…

Was Kevin Kennedy getting giddy sans cocktails tonight?

We love that kind of stuff…Kennedy must be a gas three drinks in…

Do you think Monday and Kennedy frequent the Tiki Ti?

Hmmmmm….only during the quiet hour…a couple of quick “Space Pilots” and they’re on their way…

What do they listen to on the way to Dodger Stadium whilst half-crocked?

Double Fun by Robert Palmer, natch.

Until next time, mirth-seekers!!!

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