Oh, Bummer! Dodgers Pound Pale Hose in Egregious 8th


August 15, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

Valencia’s own Aaron Bummer coughed up a couple of costly runs to the Dodgers in their 6-1 victory over the Chicago White Sox…Bummer has retired to his Chevy van and hopes to smoke the pain away with some righteous Montrose, dudes.

Is A-Gon really coming back?

Well kind of…he’s just going to pinch hit and make burrito runs to Yuca’s Hut for the team.

Whew! We don’t want him screwing up the magic mojo Los Dogs are brewing up…

Oh, don’t be a bummer…

Do you think Bummer’s van is parked right outside Yuca’s Hut right now? Is he doing bong hits with Jerry “EQ” Miller from The Untouchables?

Ah, somebody’s been watching Repo Man, again…

rascalsoftheravine’s shoddy headquarters are right around the corner from the Repo Yard on Wall St. in downtown L.A. aren’t they?


Do you guys hang out with the Rodriguez Brothers?

Del Zamora is a punk legend. We haven’t seen him since ’86, though (The Robocop set, Dallas, Texas, in fact)…now ask us about baseball…

Is Darvish dishing tomorrow?

Yep, his first two starts for L.A. were on the road…it’s the first time he’ll set foot on the Ravine’s mound as a Dodger…will he be a Nervous Norvus?

Nah. Who’s hurling for the Hose?

Carlos “DDT” Rodent…a man so ratty, he hordes cheese in his cleats.

I can smell the magic from here! Cody Bellinger better hit two jacks tomorrow, Judge crushed another and is now ahead by two…

Remember the judge in the video for “Pass the Dutchie”?

Are you kidding, I’m wearing a powdered wig right now!

Until next time, mirth-seekers!!

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