Bellinger Rides His Cyc In Marlins Park, Annoys Groundskeepers

va va vooom

July 16, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

What’s next, five jacks in one game?

Cody B. continues to confound opposing clubs as he hit for the cycle yesterday at Marlins Park. He is the first Dodger rookie to do so and the tenth overall. As we mentioned yesterday, you can’t take your eyes off this Dodger club, they are BONAFIDE must-see tv (Dan Patrick Show ™.)

Oh, by the way, Wood improved to 11-0. Final score, Dodgers 7, Marlins 1.

Charley Steiner was in a tizzy over the Pantone 294 fun-bunch yesterday. He marveled at their road warrior-ability (including their shock appearance at Yankee Stadium) to take over a ballpark. They were partying like mad dogs down the right field line, which prompted Steiner to point out how much mirth they were making “they’ve got their sunglasses on at night.” Translation = some of them are as high as kites, looks like a ball!

Los Dogs have won eight-in-a-row. They will go for the sweep (WE DO NOT GET TIRED OF TYPING THAT) today at Fish Fry Park.

What’s the big promo down there today?

Today is “Gilligan’s Island” day. A lucky guy will be randomly chosen from the crowd and whisked off to a remote private island for a month. Don’t worry, folks, he won’t be alone. Gary Busey will be along for the ride to play the role of “The Skipper”, Christina Hendricks will handle the role of Ginger (boy, will she ever!) and Jim Irsay will portray Mr. Howell. The entertainment provided (other than Ginger) will be a radio that only receives Marlins broadcasts…which is a form of torture now that we think about it…

Who’s pitching?

Rich Hill will be…running up that hill (Kate Bush ™) to face Chris O’ Grady, potato-famine survivor.

Will O’Grady whistle the Irish Spring theme endlessly on the mound? Will he chase invisible Lucky Charms leprechauns around the home plate umpire? Can he keep from chugging copious amounts of Jamesons in between innings?

Stay tuned! Until next time, mirth-seekers!

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