Dodgers Climb To Club 60, Bellinger Tattoos 25th

dodgers win 60

July 9, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

They can’t be stopped.

In 2001, the Mariners had 63 wins before the break after playing 87 games. The 1998 Yankees (they ended up sweeping the Padres in the W.S. that year) stood at 61-20 before the break. Man, all this break talk is getting us hungry for Kit Kat bars…

It took ten innings and a walk-off win to do it, but the Dodgers reached 60 wins last night against Kansas City. Bellinger blasted his 25th jack of the year. Today, Los Dogs will go for their 61st win before the All-Star break. Can you dig it?

Fourteen or fight!

King Kersh goes for his 14th win of the season this afternoon. He’ll face Danny Duffy, who’s great-great grandfather, Daffy Duffy, was a riot on the vaudeville circuit back in the day. Daffy’s brother, Duff Duffy, was a brilliant bayonet wielder in WWI as well…and who can forget the brilliant Vegas comedian of the ‘60s, Dinky Duffy, who ruled the stage at Circus Circus for so long.

Gimme a break!

All-Star action is on the horizon and the good time-gang will have about a week off. Not to fear, rascalsoftheravine readers! We’ll have lots to say about the HR Derby and such. We may even throw in an article or two about Dodger greats of the past. Y’hear that, Hee-Seop Choi?

Until next time, mirth-seekers!

Hey, wait! Are you guys for hire?

Yes, as a matter of fact, we ARE for hire, and we don’t just write about baseball. We will write about literally anything for money. Glue conventions, basket-weaving seminars, spelling bee competitions, anything…so hire us, we’re pretty good (there really is no “us” if you haven’t figured it out by now, there’s just “me”…typing “I” all the time instead of “we” would make it seem like i’m some guy who wears a stained wife beater, lives in mama’s basement, and eats Hot Pockets all day…plus we (I) enjoy the “usual gang of idiots” outlook of a certain mag you may remember.) So, in other words, if you’d like to improve your periodical, hire away, chappy! Email for details.

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