Wood Wows in 10th Win, Dodgers Seek Sweep

taken in

July 6, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

Alex Wood won his tenth game of the season as Los Dogs skewered the Snakes in another series and will go for the sweep tonight at the Ravine. The Dodgers only mustered one run on four hits in the victory, as Bellinger’s been MIA…

What’s the wacky promo tonight?

Extreme Loaded Dogs on the Loge Level is featuring a BBQ Snake Dog, the Stadium Club will be serving Rattlesnake Rye, and in honor of Arizona’s history as a nuclear test site, small levels of radiation will be released throughout the bleachers.

Who’s pitching?

Rich Hill gets the start for Los Dogs…the team probably didn’t envision a 5-4 record and a 4.00 ERA for Rich when the season started…but it seems like his blister issues are over and his mechanics are much better than they were in the early months of the season. This is the part where we’d normally insert a Mike and the Mechanics joke but Mike Rutherford threatened to sue last time, so…

The Snakes are sending “Rotten” Robbie Ray (not nicknamed Rotten because of the gas station chain, but because of his unfortunate digestive system issues which seem to arise on team bus trips) to the hill tonight…

Does Jake Lamb eat lamb (which would, in fact, make him a cannibal)??? Do Ketel Marte’s teammates refer to him as “Ketel One” when he’s pounding vodka? Does Chris Owings owe anyone anything? Does he own anything for that matter? Does he say “ow” when he slams a hammer down on his thumb?

Stay tuned! Until next time, mirth-seekers!

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