Grandal Ties Game, Then Hurls It Into Right Field

king kersh's future

June 29, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

You know that little kid in the crowd that snags a foul ball, only to toss it right back onto the field, much to dad’s chagrin? That was Yasmani Grandal last night!

Los Dogs were down to their final strike and grand Grandal tied the game with a home run. Then in the bottom of the ninth, Grandal let a passed ball advance Ben Revere to second before he heaved the ball into the outfield after another passed ball (on strike three no less). Revere cried “wee wee wee” all the way home…game over. Angels 3, Dodgers 2.

Cue the red Gatorade bath for the Haloes.

The Dodgers will split the series tonight when they send King Kersh to the hill to right the ship at 7:07. Do not try delaying the game with Kersh on the mound…his laser eyes will burn you to a cinder. His Subway-fueled rage will level the Matterhorn.

Speaking of the Matterhorn, Kersh seems like a Disneyland kinda guy. We can see him taking Tom Sawyer’s Island by storm, chomping a Moon Burger in Tomorrowland, or twisting to Annette Funicello down by the Orbit Stage. Perhaps he’d don an ice cream jacket and join the barbershop quartet, never to return to baseball again, content to live a 1912-type existence on Main Street, USA forever…

Man, that sounds good, can we do that?

Nope, only Gods get to permanently reside in Disneyland, mere mortals like ourselves are stuck in places like Shafter or Tehachapi…

Until next time, mirth seekers!

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