Joltin’ Joc Angers Angels, Series Moves To Disneyland

angels in frontierland

June 28, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

Remember when Disney owned the Angels?

They were going to connect the monorail from Disneyland to Angel Stadium! The idea was that a fellow could be munching on a Henry VII-style mutton chop in Frontierland one minute, and downing a cold one in the upper deck the next. A glorious vision.

That almost trumps the Vin Scully imitators that whisk folks through the Dodger Stadium parking lot in trams…almost.

Once, we thought they had installed animatronic celebrities at Dodger Stadium to ogle fans, this one robot wouldn’t leave Alyssa Milano alone, he kept grabbing her and drooling all over her drink…then we realized it was the real Larry King.

Enough nuttiness, what happened in the game last night?

Pederson pulverized a three-run rocket to help mighty Maeda earn the victory. Kenta went seven innings and held the Angels to a big fat goose egg. Morrow mopped up…final score Dodgers 4, Angels 0.

Ryu’s pitching tonight, you guys aren’t going to make any lame ramen jokes, are you?

He is the spokesman for Ottogi Ramen…

Who’s hurling for the Haloes?

A very, very tall man by the name of Alex Meyer…he’s 6’9…yeah, yeah, we know…he coulda been a hell of a jockey.

Why didn’t they just move Angel Stadium into Disneyland when Disney owned the team?

You mean like on a big flatbed truck?

Until next time, mirth-seekers!

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