Dodgers Reach 10, Bo Derek Not Impressed

dodgers streak hits 10

June 26, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

10 in-a-row. 2 1/2 games in first.

Kudos to the Dodger marketing gurus for having Dudley Moore throw out the first pitch yesterday. Wait, what? He’s dead? No wonder Andrew McCarthy was out there propping him up!

The plan originally was to make a nod to the Ten album by The Stranglers but Hugh Cornwell skedaddled once he realized he wasn’t throwing out the first pitch for a cricket match. He did, however, get into a drunken brawl in the Mascot’s Tunnel with Dinger, the Rockies costumed dinosaur. Cornwell was rushed to hospital and ended up needing 72 stitches in his jaw…

Hey, pampered scribes! Bellinger’s only up to 24 jacks not 25 ( incorrectly lists Bellinger at 25 in yesterday’s game wrap) he has two more to go before he catches da Judge, capisce? 

The Rockies didn’t put up much of a fight during the three-game sweep, can Los Dogs roll over the low-life Angels? The Dodgers don’t seem to fare well versus the American League, but the Angels are plain stink-o this year…perhaps their new box office vehicle, Satan in the Outfield, will turn things around for them.

Brandon McCarthy’s meltdown was lost in the comeback shuffle yesterday. The grim mortician went all Mark Wohlers and forgot where the strike zone was. B-Mac even clocked a snoozing Tommy Lasorda with a pitch that was 54 feet outside the strike zone.

We’re loving this run, but, we still can’t envision what a postseason rotation post-Kersh is going to look like. How healthy will Wood, Hill, and the grim mortician (if he recovers) be in September? The Dodgers still don’t have a pitching staff built for the playoffs. If they do nothing to beef it up before the trade deadline…it will be like every other year they rest on their laurels and get burned.

Ricky Nolasco takes the hill for the Angels tonight in hopefully what will be his 10TH loss of the season…hinky Rich Hill gets the start for Los Dogs.

Will Hill eschew Escobar and Espinosa? Will Nolasco go knock-kneed over Puig and Pederson? Will rascalsoftheravine revel in The Rave-Ups with Ben Revere?

Stay tuned! Until next time, mirth-seekers!!

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