Wood Breaks Rox, Puig Pokes Another

steiner and Monday's man

June 24, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

Eight in a row. Somewhere, Dick Van Patten is smiling.

An army of terminators couldn’t stop the blazing Blue Crew from picking up their eighth win in-a-row and increasing their lead in the NL West to 2.5 games.

What happened to those cocky Rockies?

It won’t get any easier for them as they face the greatest pitcher in the modern era…Hyun-Jin Ryu! Just kidding, it’s Kershaw, you musta thought we were downing terp there for a minute!

Speaking of terp benders, we’re still trying to figure out Charley Steiner’s schedule…sometimes he’ll do TV for a few innings, then call the rest of the game on radio with Rick Monday…

Have you ever wondered what Steiner and Monday get up to after the game? Dan Tana’s? The Pacific Dining Car? The Palm? Sadly, it’s probably sleep…those guys work pretty hard…perhaps they quaff goblets of burgundy before hand…all kidding aside, we saw the duo emerge from a Flemings Steak House in Arizona during Spring Training one year…it was like witnessing Elvis and Tom Jones head out for a night on the town…lock up your daughters!

As we mentioned above, Clayton Kershaw gets the start for Los Dogs tonight, “Chatty” Chatwood (not nicknamed for his ability to gab, but for his unparalleled “chat” on the microphone in various dancehalls throughout Jamaica) will take the hill for Colorado.

Is DJ LeMahieu actually a DJ? Will Trevor’s story ever be told? Will someone tell Charlie Blackmon that he’s actually white?

Stay tuned! Until next time, mirth-seekers!

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