L.A.’s Bash Brothers Maul Mets Mightily

seager and bellinger???

June 21, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

The Dodgers are hitting home runs, lots of them.

Seager hit three last night in the 12-0 Met mashing. Pitchers, who needs em? The Dodgers have scored 40 runs in their last 4 games. Bellinger’s up to 22 jacks in his first 52 GAMES! No player in MLB history has reached that number quicker! Take that, Joltin’ Judge! Do Los Dogs have their very own bash brothers? Seager and Bellinger conjure up memories of Canseco and McGwire…lions and steroids and mullets, oh my!

Look folks, this is weird for us. Balls don’t usually fly out of Dodger Stadium on a regular basis, it’s more of a pitcher’s park as y’all know. The fact that Los Dogs possess not one but TWO home run-Henries is wild. Sure, Gonzalez was a power hitter…was, ouch…but he was never “big stage, spotlight”, he was never really “clutch”, he quietly and consistently put up solid numbers for a few years, but it was nothing like what we’re seeing with the young guns now.

We know Seager is BONA FIDE. Can Bellinger keep this up all year?

Hey, who knows how long this will last? It looked like the league finally had Bellinger’s number a couple of weeks ago, but no dice. They still may figure him out soon…our point? ENJOY IT.

3-Lock Box?

If the season ended today, we would look stupid. Shocking, we know…we certainly DID NOT predict a 3-way race with Colorado and Arizona and COULDN’T HAVE IMAGINED the the Giants would stink so sourly in the first half. Hey, there’s lotsa baseball left, but what a screwy start!

The duke out with the Rocks that shock should be a wild one this weekend. Folks that bought tickets early in the season for the Mets series may be wishing they could trade them in for the clash with Colorado! Who woulda thunk?

Rich Hill gets the start for Los Dogs tonight, and boy does he need a good one…unless the Dodgers want to put up thirty runs in the first five innings for him…which may just happen considering the tear they’re on.

Tyler “Bitter” Pill will take the hill for the Mets. The call him “bitter”, not because of the obvious “bitter pill” thing, but because of his addiction to Angostura bitters…he picked up the craving whilst stationed in the South Pacific in ’42. We’ll admit, a Singapore Sling sounds pretty good right about now!

Until next time, mirth-seekers!

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