Puig Gives Twin Bird To Trash-Talking Tribe Fans

puig flips bird

June 14, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

People hate Los Angeles. Listen to any opposing team’s broadcast, and you’ll hear cheap shots all night long. We’re all phony, disinterested fans who just can’t wait to go surfing after the game’s over, heck, we’ll just leave to go surfing in the seventh inning (????). The steaming load of horse dung that opposing fans and broadcasters heap upon L.A. on a daily basis is sad, pathetic, and reeks of jealousy and ignorance. Basically, they’re all Jan Brady.

When Puig flipped off opposing fans at Progressive Field in Cleveland last night, he did it for the entire city of Los Angeles. It boggles our minds how pampered scribes and “educated fans” think that Puig has been Babe Ruth all these years, instead of the underachieving nutball we know him to be. Puig gets WAY to much crap for the level of player that he is. Midwestern “right way” BS “fans” hate him because of the bat flip and his wacky antics (although if anyone behaved exuberantly on their teams, they wouldn’t give a crap, you certainly wouldn’t hear any “right way” barf-inducing palaver from them).

It cracks us up that the ire of the league goes to Puig instead of Seager or Bellinger…you know, players that are actually good…alright, easy, Peanut Gallery, Puig DOES have a spectacular arm and he HAS been better at the plate so far this year…just back off, or it’s the double-bird for you, mister!

Los Dogs won their fourth straight last night after sweeping the Red menace at home. “Bellinger’s back and you’re gonna be in trou-ble, hey-ya, hey-ya, the Bellinger’s back!” Kid Cody clobbered two in last night’s tribal beating…

The Grim Mortician will take the hill tonight for Los Dogs. Corey Kluber (nicknamed “Klubby” due his unquenchable hunger for Club sandwiches) gets the start for the pow-wow set.

Meanwhile, back here at home, the promotion team at Dodger Stadium is designing giant foam middle-fingers to honor Puig during the next homestead! The bird is the word!

Until next time, mirth-seekers!!!

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