Nati Dread! Dodgers Seek Cincy Sweep

mr redlegs discovers cocaine

June 11, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

The cold war continues today as Los Dogs look to nuke the Reds in the final match of the three-game series at 1:10. Mr. Redlegs is still reeling after last night’s wicked walk-off double by “Sayonara” Seager in the bottom of the ninth.

The Ravishing Ryu will take the hill for the Dodgers this afternoon. Tim “Edelweiss” Adleman (he earned his nickname because of a childhood stint on Broadway in The Sound of Music) gets the start for Los Reds.

In honor of the Reds, today is “Steamboat Sunday” at the Ravine. The first 35,000 people through the gates will receive a replica of a steamboat paddle native to the Ohio River. The replicas are quite large and do require a flatbed truck to haul them out of Chavez Ravine. So come prepared!

Indians are on the horizon!!

Tomorrow is another day off (doesn’t anybody work around here) for the Dodgers as they travel to Cleveland in search of Randy Quaid.

Will Iron Eyes Cody throw out the first pitch on Tuesday night?

Well, he’s dead, so it’s a possibility.

Does Randy Newman sing “Burn On” during every Indians home game from the right field bleachers in a drunken stupor?

It’s what has kept many fans coming to see the Indians through thick and thin.

Do you guys still have the Rachel Phelps cardboard cut out with removable clothes?

You betcha! Hubba-hubba!

Until next time, mirth-seekers!!

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