Dodgers Blanked By Blecchhhh, Bashed By Belt

johnny cueto's idol

May 17, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

Well they weren’t exactly blanked, but the headline was too good to pass up. Chris Taylor scored the Dodgers’ lone run off blecchedy Blach with a bay-bound bomb in the sixth inning. Final score: Hated Ones 2, Dodgers 1.

Rich Hill returned in decent form as he held the Giants to one run (Belt’s homer) in five innings worth of work. Luis Avilan, boot fetishist (check out the rascalsoftheravine article “G-Men Beaten as Big Bats Best Mad Bum” for image), coughed up the second run to the bat of Brandon Crawford.

Hey, Kershaw’s going for his career twentieth win against the Giants franchise today, isn’t that cool?

Whatever, it will be “cool” when the Dodgers win a World Series.

That’s not very nice, Kershaw’s bound for the Hall!

Okay, but the Dodgers need to win at least two World Series titles with Kersh at the helm before he goes into Koufax territory.

But, Greg Maddux only has one World Series title, and he…

Can it, softy! Someone needs to light a fire under L.A.’s ass!

What time is the game today?

Get a watch! 12:45 Fran-Fran time…

Was Johnny Cueto a lounge singer in the Dominican before he came to the U.S.?

Yes. Check out his fine release, The Sultan of San Pedro, on SST Records.

Until next time, mirth-seekers!!!

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