Pence And Posey Take Pictures Of Pets

Dodgers combat lefty fear

May 2, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

Critiquing Kersh is tough for us. It’s like screaming in the face of Opie Taylor. It just seems wrong. Sadly, however, King Kersh made a couple of costly mistakes that led to a 4-3 victory for the hated ones last night.

Pence And Posey Take Pictures Of Pets

It wasn’t a horrible start or anything, Kershaw did make an uncharacteristic fielding error that led to a run later in the inning…in the end he coughed up three runs on eight hits (the fourth run was unearned on his error)…the long ball mainly did in the Dodger ace…Pence and Posey (which sounds like the name of a law firm, or tailors, or people that take pictures of pets) were the culprits (Pence hit a two-run shot in the first inning, Posey had a solo blast in the third.) To be fair, Kershaw didn’t receive a great deal of support at the plate (he drove in one of the three Dodger runs himself), but…

Boom Goes The Bellinger

The call-up kid continues to confound defenses with his boss bunts in key situations. The Giants tried to pull the ol’ Cool-Carl Karansky shift in the seventh inning and Bellinger beat it with style. Earlier in the game, he grooved a ground-rule double and scored later on a headfirst Superman slide.

You’ve Gotta Be Kidding…

Death, taxes, Ryu on the DL…

Game 2…Tonight!

Alex Wood will take the hill for Los Dogs in game two of the series. Matt Moore gets the start for fran-fran.

The numbers against Moore (and lefties in general) are not good for the Blue Crew…what is it about southpaws that freaks out the Dodgers so much? Maybe the team should call in a hypnotist! He could make them think that they’re constantly facing right-handed pitching, even when they’re not!

You are getting very, very sleepy…until next time, mirth-seekers!

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