3 Ways To Improve The Dodger Uniform


April 21, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

Hey, gang!

It’s good that teams with classic uniforms (Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers) are reluctant to alter their look in any way. The last thing we want is an identity crisis (cough* Padres) or drastic color changes (we mean you Diamondbacks.)

Are you guys smoking angel dust? Why would you want to change the Dodger uniform?

Relax now, we’re not taking a wrecking ball to the classic Dodger threads. They’re just fine as they are. We’re talking ALT jerseys here. Many teams have at least five different unis, some over ten. The Giants use an orange pullover for example, The A’s use yellow.

No logo redesign here, we’d never touch the famous Dodger script or the LA logo on the hat, what we have in mind is more of a color flip-flop that may have some Blue Crew fans seeing red…dig:

The Blue Jays do a great job with reversing the blue and red on their unis. The New York Giants football team does this as well. This concept would work great with the Dodgers. Here are three alt uniforms we’d like to see added to the mix.

  1. On the white home jersey base, flip-flop the colors on the front so the Dodger script is in red and the number below is in blue. On the back the name and number would be red, as well as the hat and socks.
  1. Another great home alternate idea would be to use red as a base color and have the Dodger script, name and numbers all in white against the red. The Blue Jays do this and it looks boss.
  1. A blue based road uni (similar to the blue jerseys they wear in Spring Training at times) as opposed to grey. Dodger script is in white, but ALL numbers, front and back are red, and the name on back is in red…blue hats and socks.

There ya have it! Was that so bad? Notice we didn’t include the hats with the “D” script on them…that’s because they look exactly like the Chunichi Dragons’ lids!

We’re certainly not the first to point this out, many pampered scribes made the connection last year when the Dodgers rolled them out before Spring Training…

Why don’t the Dodgers have a mascot?

It’s probably good that they don’t…but…

We really wish that someone had drawn a Trolley Dodger logo back in 1930s. Something in the style of Mr. Redlegs or Mr. Met…a Bowery Boys type-kid with a newsie lid dodging trolley cars, can you dig it? Sadly, it never happened…there are a few artists out there that could pull off a retro-type logo now (we’re looking at you, Dan Clowes-hop to it!)

Hey, kids! Don’t forget the game in Arizona starts at 6:40 tonight! Make sure to read our take on game one of the series tomorrow! Until then, mirth-seekers!

2 thoughts on “3 Ways To Improve The Dodger Uniform

  1. I think the jersey needs the flying ball logo! Some teams have a piece of baseball equipment, like St. Louis with the birds sitting on both ends of the bat, btw they have the best looking home jersey or the Mets witness the baseball. The flying baseball on the Dodger home jersey would give the jersey more or a updated while still original feel. The Dodger away jersey has Los Angeles on the hat, sleeve and chest, the Dodger with the rising ball would look good their too!

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