Ryu Rocked Again, Rally Ruined In 9th


April 19, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

The comeback rally against the Rockies fell shorter than wee Billy Barty, as the Dodgers dropped another close one at the Ravine last night, 4-3.

Ryu was rocked for three home runs but managed to last six innings in the close contest. Ryu’s having a tough time getting his pitches over 90MPH (throwing them down the middle doesn’t help either) and the good hitters are making him pay. Arenado took him deep twice. So much for Ramen power.

The Dodgers are still looking for a clutch man, someone that doesn’t repeatedly choke under pressure (like Gonzalez did last night again with the tying run on second base in the ninth). Remember, the reason Boston let Gonzalez go was because they thought he didn’t have the fire…or was it just his garlic breath?

As we mentioned yesterday, Turner is as close to clutch as Los Dogs have, he managed to do his part last night in the bottom of the ninth, as he singled in Chase Utley to cut the lead to two.

The lack of clutch hitting doesn’t solve the looming issue of starting arms, though. Right now it’s Kershaw and McCarthy (until he’s sidelined by another injury), that’s it…everyone else in the rotation is shakier than Nick Cage in Leaving Las Vegas.

This is the part where we chastise Friedman and Zaidi (the hideous Dodger GMs) for wasting another year of Kershaw’s career. Greinke was the last quality pitcher behind Clayton K. The rest have been a sad-sack parade of goofballs and reclamation projects, completely unworthy  of sharing a starting rotation with Kersh…or anything else for that matter…like bologna sandwiches, car rides, or Old Spice.

When they fire Friedman and Zaidi (and it won’t be long now) we doubt whether they could put together a staff at Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Time Theater…so if you manage a Chuck E. Cheese lookout for them because they’ll be coming and they’ll run your business into the ground. Don’t believe their lies about being “puppet experts” either…

The most Los Dogs can hope for tonight, is a series split against the Rocks (or a quick suicide in the front office).

They’ll have a pretty good chance with King Kersh (2-1, 2.53 ERA) on the hill. Colorado took him deep thrice in Denver, but Clayton isn’t one to repeat mistakes. Look for him to right the ship tonight.

Tyler Anderson (1-2, 8.59 ERA) will take the mound for the Rockies. Control has been an issue for him, so look for Dodger hitters to be…looking.

Hey, kids! Tonight is the “Great Dodger Moments Coin #1” giveaway at the Ravine! Retroheads like us love this, because there won’t be any moments after 1988…

Until next time, mirth-seekers!!

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