Dodgers Deliciously Dominate Diego

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April 7, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

We’re not doing triple-flips yet! It’s a loooonnnnggg season, but an opening series win is always nice. Los Dogs are set to start a series in Colorado now, after taking three out of four from the Friars.

Puig and Aybar continue to make faces at one another! 

The two engaged in a battle of the mugs during Wednesday night’s game. Hey, if making faces helps Puig hit two jacks the following day, we’ll take it!

Businessman’s Special Yesterday!

Weekday games that start at noon! We love em! No lines, less traffic, plenty of elbow room—

Our new HQ? The abandoned 76 Station in the Dodger Stadium parking lot! We cleaned out some Womp rats and a Peter Criss imposter…the place looks great now! Tom Fostex has even set up a walk-up window so he can sell $2 PBRs to thirsty folks on their way into the stadium! How enterprising! We can also gas up the Scully Trams (see two posts ago) that now patrol the parking lot. Viva Vin!

How ‘bout them arms?

A decent outing by McCarthy and Hill was great to see, but we know the key (with McCarthy and Ryu especially) is health and longevity. Can these guys last more than a month or two? We can only wonder…and hope…and sell $2 PBRs out of a drive-up window…

We’re not panicking over the shaky Maeda start, he’ll right the ship eventually…it will be interesting to see how careful the Dodgers are with him this year after he got plumb tuckered out and ran out of gas in 2016.

Lefty Shutdown?

Yeah, Los Dogs were shut down again by lefty pitching Tuesday night. It was disconcerting to see, but again, way too early to panic.

Mile High Club?

No, not that mile high club…and not the song by Bow Wow Wow either!

The Dodgers are off to the Mile-High City! You’d think after they legalized weed in Colorado that they would have changed the name of Denver to “The Ten-Mile-High City” or “The City Made Completely Of Ho-Hos” or “The City That Wants To Play These Tasty Licks For You, If You Can Hang Out For A Few Minutes, Bro, I Mean, I Don’t Know How Busy You Are, Or If You Just Came To Score And Fly, But If You Have Time You Should Check Out My Demo Right Quick”.

“Jolly Boy” Ryu will take the hill at 1:10 today…newbie Kyle Freeland gets the start for the Rockies.

Los Dogs head for Chicago after the Colorado series. We were going to make a righteous Chicago pizza joke here, but then we realized that we’re Round Table Pizza freaks and have no right to make salty remarks.

Until next time, mirth-seekers!

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