Fear Not, Rascalsoftheravine Readers, Tales From Tequila Towers IV Is Set To Drop On Wednesday!!

camelback '65

March 13, 2017 by Shannon Michael Smith

Yes, friends, we made it back from Arizona alive. Barely. Prepare for all the Avondale antics to shake up your henhouse on Wednesday! You’ll read all about our Spring Training adventures 2017! Tom Fostex was in fine form and we are glad to report there were no fires! Property damage was kept to a minimum and Tequila Towers even coughed up our deposit refund! Prepare for our thoughts on: sausage patties, the Brew-haha in Maryvale, porn bunkers, King Kersh, The Phoenix City Grill, little bottles of wine, Rizzo, Rollie Fingers, “Lust for Gold”, the Scottsdale Hellhole, Svedka Cherry Vodka, Dave Vassegh-egg, Orlando Merced, Camelback Tic-Tac, Talking Stick, Hoho-Kam’s jibba-jam, and so much more!!!! Until Wed, mirth-seekers!!!

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