Same Old Story, Same Old Song and Dance


October 24, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

The laughing stock of Major League Baseball continues to be a joke in the playoffs. Another NLCS, another Dodger failure. News flash: The Dodgers have a lot of money. You wouldn’t think it with the lack of starting pitching depth, a spent pen, and the inability to hit lefties (who constructs a lineup like this, Shakes the Clown?)

Kazmir and Maeda were big question marks heading into the season. Kaz crapped out and Maeda ran out of gas. In the end, Los Dogs had one pitcher to send to the hill in October. Poor Clayton Kershaw (okay, Hill wasn’t that bad, but it sure felt like there was only one option.) Kersh will take the heat for lack of starter depth, once again. Six months ago, we predicted that even if the Dodgers made the playoffs, that they wouldn’t get past the Cubs. We’re not that good, the Dodgers are just that predictable.

We all know that Friedman and Zaidi are responsible for the train wreck starting staff (minus Kersh, of course.) They’re the same geniuses that built a roster that can’t hit left-handed pitching. The only good thing they did during the season was trade for Hill and Reddick (pampered scribes had to go back to THE MANNY DEAL for footage of the last time the Dodgers did anything to bolster their team before the playoffs.) Friedman and Zaidi have been a disaster. If they still have their jobs in a couple of weeks, then the owners are even dumber than we thought. It’s time to kick the finance maggots out. Storm the front office with pitchforks and torches!

Roberts did a great job managing what he was given (cue the circus music.) We hated the fact that he pulled Stripling and Hill in the middle of career moments earlier in the season. Looking back, it wouldn’t have made a damn bit of difference to keep them in. But, those are just two games…D.R. helped get The Dodgers back on track after the All-Star Break. God knows how he held them together in June (do you think they let us into the Clubhouse? Ha!)

Let’s not let Corey Seager’s amazing rookie year get lost in all the bitter babble. After the failure of Puig and the disappointment of Pederson, we were hesitant to proclaim Seager king in July (let’s wait until the season’s over, we said.) Well, the season’s over, and Seager has proven himself, he’s one of the few bright spots heading into next year.

We’ll have a report card ready for the Dodgers (and ourselves) this week sometime. After that we’ll cut out for a few months (there will be a couple of articles here and there) and start this whole thing again in February. It’s been a gas (literally, we consume copious amounts of Pepto due to this bitter rag) working on rascalsoftheravine. There’ll be some exciting changes next season, so stay tuned mirth-seekers!


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