Dodgers Disemboweled by Cub Grubs


October 20, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

While The Terrible Teen may have enjoyed “the beautiful experience”, we sure as hell didn’t, as Urias coughed up four runs in 3.2 innings worth of work…beautiful.

Stripling also stank it up to the tune of four runs as well…all-in-all, Los Dogs’ pitching staff gave up ten runs in the Game Four loss…Game Five looms large, as the series heads back to Chicago on Saturday…Los Dogs will be all but finished with a loss tonight.

Pampered scribes were dancing in the streets after the Dodger loss last night. Did you see the smiles on those faces after the game? Gone are the funeral tones. “We’re back,” say the suck-up scribes…eeesshhh.

The Dodgers have no choice but to roll out the hideous Kenta Maeda tonight. He’s been awful this postseason…this puts all the pressure on Kershaw to win on the road in Game 6…wonderful. The fact that the Dodgers have gotten this far with a two-man rotation (Kershaw, Hill) is a miracle…

Lester the Molester will take the hill for the crusty Cubs tonight.

Will Maeda make merry with Miguel Montero? Will he rankle Rizzo, Ross, and Russell? Will  Lester the Molester pest Puig and Pederson? Will rascalsoftheravine become a zine that blasts Queen??? If we did, it would be “Cool Cat” or “Back Chat!” All hail Mack and his production attack!!!! Until next time, mirth-seekers!

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