King Kersh Commands Cubs in Windy City Win


October 17, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

The cries of a bleating goat could be heard faintly in the Chicago night…Clayton Kershaw “shook off the ghosts” of postseason past with a seven inning masterpiece that helped even the series with the Cubs, 1-1.

Jansen’s six-out save slaughtered Chi-town schemes as the series now heads back to Los Angeles.

Hey, did you hear the funeral they broadcast last night? Still think that every pampered scribe isn’t rooting for the Cubs? Man, those broadcasters were dejected! It’s another case of Midwest = good, West Coast = bad. If the Midwest is so great, then why do those creeps move here in droves? GO BACK!

If the Dodgers truly want to serve up some Goats Head Soup, they’ll have to get past Arrieta, the Garret Dillahunt lookalike. How many men has Arrieta gunned down on the mean streets of the Wrigley Field? Too many to count…

Rich Hill will take the hill for Los Dogs on Tuesday. We already squawked about Arrieta…

Will Hill heave ill-will to chill bold bats that kill? Will Jake the snake play pat-a-cake or pound a pickle milkshake? Will rascalsoftheravine forgive Jeff Fisher for not kicking the fiel—–no, we’re not going there…until next time, mirth-seekers!

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