Dogs Stay Alive for Game 5


October 12, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

After a wobbly first inning, King Kersh settled down on his throne and beheaded eleven batters…a welcome site to those who had witnessed postgame meltdowns in the past. Jansen? He remained steady and brought the hammer…one day after getting keelhauled by those needlin’ Nationals in the ninth. Final score? L.A. 6, Washington 5

Sadly, we’ll have to wait until Thursday to watch Los Dogs try to squash those pesky Nats…L.A. fans will be hovering around their televisions with Texas Fly Swatters, anxious to see Washington’s insects put down.

Big ups (we did not just write that) to Chase Utley, not only for his game-winning single yesterday, but for his performance all season. Most thought Utley would ride the bench and provide some solid D occasionally. Who could have imagined the spicy season he’s had…138 games? Let’s hear it for the Prince of Pasadena!

We should mention that Gonzo woke up from his postseason snooze with a two-run shot in the first inning, Los Dogs will need his power against Max Scherzer, a man whose name belongs on a movie poster from 1936…THE FLYING WILLIES, A MAX SCHERZER PRODUCTION!!!

How ‘bout that game in Fran Fran last night? Battery chucks were gagging on their bread bowls as the Cubs rallied in the ninth to end the supposed “even-number-year-magic” (give us a break with that crap.) We’ll admit, though, we would have liked to see Los Dogs and the hated ones collide in a NLCS (even though the Cubs are destined to choke and would probably be a better match up.)

Rich Hill will more than likely start for the Dodgers. The Terrible Teen is also a possibility. We’ll save our asinine arm alliteration for tomorrow’s turbulent tawdriness when the pitchers are picked (geez, we can’t hold off for ten seconds…)

Until then, mirth-seekers!

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