Lo-Blow Dooms Dogs in D.C.


October 10, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

Jose Lobaton’s shot heard round the world came in the fourth inning. The three-run blast from lowly lo-lo (Lobaton barely made the playoff roster) dented Dodger dreams of a D.C. take two…final score: Nats 5 Dodgers 2. Los Dogs will trot out the ultimate Five-Inning Fanny, Kenta Maeda, this afternoon for Game Three.

Corey Seager has decided that he’s going to hit a home run in every playoff game he participates in. We just had a vision of Chris Berman shouting “Corey Seager and his Silver Bullet Band goes yard!” Do they not have hair care people on the East Coast? Is Berman just cheap or disillusioned or both? Does he have stock in Ron Popeil’s GLH?? For the uninformed, GLH is spray-on “Great Looking Hair” (see attached pic.) Berman should just go Hunger Games, whip out a pink wig, and abandon the Ronco products…

Will mighty Maeda mince Murphy into mini-Mounds? Will Gio Gonzalez get grooved by Grandal and Gonzo? Will rascalsoftheravine recover from a Rams ruin by the ill Bills? Stay tuned!!! Until tomorrow, mirth-seekers!!!!

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