Dodgers Prepare for NLDS in…Hollywood for Ugly People?


October 3, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

Don’t credit us for Washington, D.C.’s bizarre nickname, “Hollywood for Ugly People”, the roots of that witticism go back to the ’80s…call it what you will, “The Federal City”, “The Nation’s Capital”, “Chocolate City”, the fact remains that the Dodgers play the Nats there on Friday night in Game One of the NLDS.

After getting swept in Fran Fran, Los Dogs will look to rekindle some fire at the plate in support of Clayton Kershaw, who will take the hill for Los Dogs in Game One (of course). Max Scherzer will most likely start for the Nats.

After the big sendoff here at the Ravine, the S.F. goodbye seemed anticlimactic for Scully. He called the game brilliantly, of course…the whole Mays thing was meh, we’re not huge fans of W.M. at this rag…

There’s practically a whole freaking week until the damn game, so tomorrow we’re going to hip you to our take on the Wild Card games, as well as some of our favorite postseason sounds (hint: autumn jazz.)

Since there’s no pitching matchup until Friday, we have to ask: Will the Dodgers do jumping jacks at the Ravine today? Will they practice bunting? Will they lean against batting cages? Will they drink Starbucks and eat tacos? Will they joke with groundskeepers and security guards? Will they race around the empty parking lot in expensive cars? Will they hunt for Pokemon? Will they plant a Whoopee Cushion on Larry King’s seat? Does Dennis Gilbert hang out at these things? Stay tuned! Until tomorrow, mirth-seekers!!!

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