Renfroe Reams Dogs Out of Home Field Advantage


September 28, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

Leave it to a flippin’ Friar. The Nats had some help last night from Padre Hunter Renfroe, the rotten rookie drove in a ton of runs to beat Los Dogs and nearly knock them out of contention for home field advantage in the NLDS.

Your NLDS rotation btw? Kershaw, Hill, and Maeda. Sing their names to the tune of “Pico and Sepulveda” by Freddy Martin (or Felix Figueroa, as he’s also known) and his orchestra…you’ll have to leave out the “and” to make it work…Kershaw, Hill, Maeda…Kershaw, Hill, Maeda…

Is anybody buying NL West Champs gear from the Dodgers? We’d be too embarrassed to sport ’em. The shirts are open invitations for Dodger enemies to exclaim “Gee, they won the West again, BIG WOW…” The team hasn’t succeeded beyond the NLDS since ’88…we’ll hold out for those NLCS Champions shirts, thanks…the Nats are pretty banged up…Los Dogs have a better chance of getting to the NLCS than they have in a while…

Jose De Leon (2-0 5.52 ERA) will take the hill for the Dodgers tonight. Luis Perdomo gets the start for the Friars. Will Jose jam Jon Jay and Janikowski? Will Perdomo peg Puig and Pederson? Will rascalsoftheravine make the scene with Ellery Queen? Stay tuned! Until tomorrow, mirth-seekers!!!!

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