Culberson Clobbers Clincher for Scully Sendoff


September 26, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

We dubbed him “Chargin’ Charlie” in Spring Training. Maybe we should have gone Damon Runyon and nicknamed him “Charlie the Clincher” because clinching is certainly his game, as his 10th inning wallop gave the Dodgers another NL West trophy for the mantle and sent Dodger Stadium into maximum overdrive.

Fate? Divine intervention? Magic? If we were a pampered scribe, we’d drop some Disneyland comparison here, but we know better, D-Land is an hour south, and in Orange County, (just don’t tell the Angels’ owner, he’s a little confused geographically.)

Oh, to hell with it, because something magic did occur on that field yesterday. Perhaps Scully sprinkled his last remaining specks of pixie dust onto the field for one last miracle…

Rascalsoftheravine has ripped Roberts relentlessly over his motherly managing (pulling pitchers in the middle of career moments) but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate what an incredible job he’s done overall (spoiler, he gets an “A” on our report card.) Roberts showed pure class in throwing the spotlight back up to Scully after Culberson’s walk-off.

Now, bring on those NATS!

Guess what? That series in San Francisco won’t be so meaningless after all. The hated ones are vying for a Wild Card spot, and this is where it gets interesting…

Do the Dodgers want to help the St. Louis Cardinals take the Wild Card from SF? Everyone assumes the Cubs are going to steamroll the sad sack W.C. team they face in the first round, but are they? What if the Dodgers help the Cards get in, and they roll over the Cubs? Would Los Dogs rather face the Giants in that situation (Wild Card team beats Cubs) if they get past Washington? None of this matters if the Mets beat either the Giants or Cardinals in a one-game playoff…jeez, we’re making our heads spin!

The Dodgers will head down to San Diego on Tuesday to begin their final road trip of the season. Jose De Leon (2-0 5.52 ERA) will take the hill for Los Dogs. Paul Clemens (3-5 4.48 ERA) will start for the Friars.

Will Clemens put the clampdown on Culberson with The Clash? Will De Leon doom Dickerson and Derek on Dialing for Dollars? Will rascalsoftheravine recover from a righteous Rams rally in Cigar City? Stay tuned!!! Until next time, mirth-seekers!!!

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