Spotlight on Scully’s Special Night…Stupendous!


September 24, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

Not a dry eye in the freaking house. Not one. We’re talking about Vin Scully Night at Dodger Stadium, of course (he’ll call his final game at Chavez on Sunday.) Rascalsoftheravine is staffed with bitter old men, so it takes quite a bit to move any of our sour scribes…hats off to Kevin Costner for his tear-jerking tribute…Field of Dreams, indeed!

Yeah, it sounds super-corny on paper (Vin was even awarded the Key to the City), but the emotion was genuine, much like the ’99 All-Star Game, it felt very real and uncontrived.

What’s the magic number, you ask? TWO! Yes, folks, Los Dogs could clinch the division tonight with a win at the Ravine and a Giant loss in San Diego.

If the season ended today, the Dodgers would face the Washington Nationals in the first round of the playoffs. Los Dogs played the Nats well this year (they won 5 out of 6, we think…) so a first round matchup would suit them well (yes, we realize we said that the Dodgers wouldn’t make the playoffs at the start of the season, we’ll give ourselves a report card, and you can read it, two days after the season ends.)

It looks like the final three games in San Fran will be utterly and completely meaningless. That’s okay, we’ll take the division clinch early…we really feel sorry (NOT) for those fans in Frisco that have to watch the Dodgers act all giddy as they strut around their field (we wonder what lame phone company owns the naming rights to their band box now) as NL West Champs. That’s right chucks, drown on that battery acid, DROWN WE SAY!

Clayton Kershaw (11-3 1.73 ERA) will take the hill for the Dodgers tonight, Chad Bettis (13-7 4.79 ERA) gets the start for the Rocks. Will Kersh help clinch with killer curves to Cardullo? Will Bettis eat lettuce with Anthony Pettis? Will rascalsoftheravine chomp jelly beans at Oliver Queen’s? It remains to be seen! Until tomorrow, mirth-seekers!!!

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