Puig Flamethrows Frisco! U Mad Bum?


September 22, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

Ah, sweet justice. LOOK AT HIM!!! LOOOOOOOK!!!! The Giants, including their own inbred psycho, Mad Bum (or is it Bad Mum?) were forced to watched Puig smash their hopes into that loooooonnnng Chavez night as Los Dogs crushed the syph-ridden spazoids of San Fran, 9-3.

The Dodgers hit LAX last night to board a plane to Mile High City (insert legal weed jokes here) because there’s…wait for it…a four-game series with the Rockies ahead! Woooo hoooo…woo…hoo…woo…hooo

Ah, who are we kidding, it’s snoresville until the next series with Bochy’s botulistic bastards…

Tyler Chatwood will take the hill for the Rockies tomorrow, or is it Woodchat? A Wood Chat seems like something Mad Bum and his inbred ilk would do on a Friday night…go have a wood chat and drink some shine and kill some badgers with your bare hands…whoopie!

Brett Anderson (good God, no seriously? Are we doing this again?) will make his third start of the year and last approximately ten minutes before he clutches his back and is shuttled from the field. Hey, good news, Brett, weed’s legal there, you could hit a dispensary and be back at the stadium before the game’s even over! We jest, weed’s pretty much legal here too, all you need is a quack and fifty bucks…UPDATE…the game is here in LA, now’s who’s high, huh?

Will Tyler Chatwood chit chat with woodchucks? Will he cha-cha-cha with Chase and Charlie? Will Anderson angle Adames and Arenado? Will rascalsoftheravine move to Mile High in search of Hile Migh? Stay tuned! Until next time, mirth-seekers!

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