Dogs Devour D-Backs, Sheen at Ravine


September 7, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

The South has fallen! Shelby Miller, that rapscallion, has been driven from the battlefields of Chavez with mighty blue sticks of thunder as the Dodgers beat the Diamondbacks last night, 5-2.

Yes, it only took three innings for Los Dogs to put up five runs on rascally Miller (he was driven from the diamond after 4.1 innings)

Turner, Grandal, and Reddick drove in some rabbits, Toles added to his turbulent totals, and even Ross Stripling made the RBI scene.

The Rockies bungled a lead in the eighth inning to the hated ones last night, otherwise Los Dogs would be sitting five games up in the NL West.

Who Sits Behind Home Plate Part 6

Did ya see him? Cocaine’s answer to the Tasmanian Devil was seated in the front row (off to the visitor’s side a bit) last night, (we really want to add the word drunkenly here…but, alas, we do not know…probably not…he’s supposed to be sober) leering at Dodger players as if he were at Xposed instead of Dodger Stadium. Yes, Charlie Sheen (sporting green) was at the Ravine for last night’s game. All kidding aside, we love many of his films and often dream of a world of cell phones in 1983 (it was just a better time) where Sheen could have documented all his insane antics…oh, to be a fly on a wall backstage at a UB40 show back then…

Tonight the Dodgers will go for the sweep against the Snakes. Brock Stewart (0-2 7.94 ERA…although he did well against the Cubs in his last start) will take the hill for Los Dogs. Robbie Ray gets the start for Arizona.

Is Robbie Ray the lovechild of Robbie Rist and Johnnie Ray? Is Brock’s jock ready to rock? Is rascalsoftheravine’s clock ready to shock? Yes, we still have our oversized clock from Public Enemy’s It Takes a Nation of Millions tour…until next time, mirth-seekers!

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