Denver Downpour Drives Dodger Doubleheader

Dodger-Rox Rain Out

August 31, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

We wondered if Colorado weather would oblige us with a doubleheader before the season was over, and lo, it has! Two days after losing the series opener, 8-1, Los Dogs will take on the Rockies today in a shockin’ doubleheader that starts at noon.

Maeda had a decent start on Monday, he only coughed up two runs in his typical five innings before the wheels came off. Ol’ Mr. Reliable, Adam Liberatore, (2.84 ERA out of the ‘pen this year) looked out of sorts as he surrendered four runs in 0.1 innings worth of action. Howell and Baez each gave up a run as well (Baez was shuffled off to AA-Tulsa in favor of Casey Fien yesterday).

The hated ones managed to lose to Arizona yesterday, which brings the Dodgers back up in the NL West by two games.


Who is the unidentified club that claimed Puig off waivers yesterday? Why is this such a big secret? Will Puig undergo drastic plastic surgery and be asked to be carry out secret missions for said mystery squad? Will the C.I.A. replace an ousted dictator with post-plastic surgery Puig? Will Puig be transported back to his home country to host a Cuban version of Dancing with the Stars??? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Ross Stripling (3-5 4.13 ERA) will take the hill for Los Dogs today. Tyler Anderson (4-5 3.69 ERA) gets the start for the Rocks. Will Stripling serve up superfat softballs for the crushers of Coors Canaveral? Will Tyler toke trippingly upon the tulips in Mile High legal land? Stay tuned! Until tomorrow (or today if we feel like updatin’ ya on this droll doubleheader) mirth-seekers!!!!

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