Speedster Seager Strikes Second City


August 29, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

Seager beat out a close play at second and Toles scored on a wild Gonzo dribbler to beat the Cubs, 1-0, at the Ravine today. The win secured the series versus the best team in baseball and kept Los Dogs two games ahead in the NL West race.

Brock Stewart tossed five scoreless innings before Reddick was called in to pinch hit in the bottom of the inning. Chavez started the sixth and managed to get into another jam as he allowed runners on first and third before he managed to get two outs. Dayton finished the inning and also pitched the seventh. Blanton and Jansen closed it out.

Scully rattled off some righteous Beatles tale about their trouble getting out of Dodger Stadium (50 years ago today) post-concert. It’s funny when you realize that the Beatles are beyond the realm of Scully’s taste…we doubt the easy listening aficionado has a single rock and roll album in his collection. Jazz vocals and show tunes only, baby!!!!

The Dodgers head to Colorado for a three-game series against the Rockies. They’ll head home after that to battle the Padres and Diamondbacks (before you start licking your chops, Los Dogs play down to crummy teams, they split with the Reds and beat the Giants and Cubs, go figure).

Kenta Maeda (13-7 3.37 ERA) will get the start for the Dodgers. Jon Gray (8-6 4.61 ERA) will take the hill for the Rocks. Will Maeda doom dastardly David Dahl and Daniel Descalso? Will Gray throw fifty shades of hate at Toles and Turner? Will rascalsoftheravine recover from the Rams ruin on Saturday? Stay tuned! Until next time, mirth-seekers!

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