Front Office Makes Decent Move, Rascalsoftheravine Staffer Rushed to Hospital

rascalsoftheraveine staffer

August 26, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

A.J. Ellis was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies last night for catcher Carlos Ruiz. Ellis’ clubhouse leadership makes it a tough decision, but it’s been a long time coming. Ellis has never really been able to deliver at the plate…let’s face it, the Dodgers haven’t had a hitting catcher since Russell Martin (his first couple of years anyway, before he petered out at the plate as well).

Ellis was Robin to Kershaw’s Batman, that’s true, but Kersh will be fine if he does indeed come back (is rascalsoftheravine actually agreeing with a front office move???)

The near no-no last night is a good example of how Los Dogs need to improve at the plate against left-handed pitching. Ruiz could certainly help there.

Bud Norris (6-10 4.69 ERA) returns to the hill tonight after getting ravaged by the Reds last week (he didn’t make it out of the fourth inning after coughing up half a dozen runs). Mike Montgomery (4-5 2.41 ERA) gets the start for the Cubs.

Will Ruiz rival Reddick? Will he roughhouse Rizzo, Ross, and Russell? Is Ellis charged-up to chomp carloads of choice cheese steaks? Stay tuned! Until tomorrow, mirth-seekers!

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