Sweep Stymied as Dogs Head to Cincy

red menace

August 19, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

Dayton be damned as Los Dogs dumped what should have been a solid sweep in Philly. Eickoff held on for six innings (gee, a pitcher throwing six innings, we wonder what that’s like) as he survived megaton blasts by Turner and Grandal. The Giants won too, of course, and now Los Dogs’ fragile lead has been cut to just ½ a game…

Sin City? Forget it, baby. We’re talking CIN city. Cincinnati. The Dodgers are already there preparing for their upcoming series. Bud Norris? We know, you haven’t seen him for a month. How will he fare against the Red menace?

The Dodgers have the best slugging percentage (since July) in the majors. They’re going to need to hang onto that power as the bullpen is finally starting to show some cracks. The Reds are playing better baseball lately, Los Dogs shouldn’t expect to just coast into town and wallop the Cincinnati Kids (they’re six games over .500 since mid-July).

We heard John Oates was at the game last night in Philly? True? We can’t confirm, although we CAN tell you that we’d rather play a game where you had to find virtual pop-up images of Oates rather than Pokemon…

Tim Adleman will get the start for the Reds tonight. Norris, as we mentioned above, will take the hill for Los Dogs.

Will Adleman’s Adderall-addicted ass assimilate A-Gone’s action? Will Norris needle numerous, noxious, ‘Natti nailers?

Will rascalsoftheravine finally get off the green latrine and go “Down in the Seine”? Stay tuned! Until next time, mirth-seekers!!!

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