dodgers in playoffs?

August 10, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

First place?!?!?!? That’s right, folks, the win against Philly last night has moved the Dodgers into a NL West tie with the hated ones. Home runs by Kendrick, Grandal, and Turner powered Los Dogs against the Phillies to take the series. Chavez, Dayton, and Howell mopped up the remaining four innings that Maeda couldn’t manage, which has been par-for-the-course all season (It’s no secret that Dodger starters can’t emerge get past the fifth inning).

Or is it a secret?

In describing last night’s start from Kenta Maeda, the Dodgers website foisted the quote, “While Kenta Maeda didn’t have one of his better nights, going just five innings…” STOP RIGHT THERE! Going just five innings? Like every starter (except Kershaw) has all season? Where have you been? How do pampered scribes keep their jobs? This is why we gag when we watch the MLB Network talk about the Dodgers, all they do is collect old data and quotes from other pampered scribes (also inaccurate). Their laziness is astounding.

To hell with pampered scribes, let’s focus on the playoffs. Can the Dodgers actually make it? It would be easy to predict that S.F. will pull it together, that Los Dogs’ bullpen will finally collapse, that the bats will cool off and Seager’s incredible rookie season will fizzle out…

So let’s say that the Dodgers actually make the playoffs. They’ve beaten St. Louis, Washington, and Boston recently…but could this team hold up against the Cubs at their playoff best? If you look at the Dodgers on paper, with all the injuries, you’d say no way…but then there’s that Blue Crew mojo they’ve got going on. Starters be damned! All hail the bullpen!

When Seager started turning heads this spring, we cautioned restraint. Joc Pederson and Yasiel Puig’s flash/fizzle was still fresh in our minds…we didn’t want to curse poor Seager. “Wait until mid-August to crown him rookie of the year,” we warned. Well…it’s almost mid-August! Time to break out our rookie crown polish!

The Dodgers will send so-so Scott Kazmir to the hill against the Phillies today as they go for the sweep. Hey, pampered scribes, Kazmir hasn’t made it past the fifth inning in HALF HIS STARTS THIS YEAR…don’t say we never did anything for you. The Phillies will go with Jeremy Hellickson.

Will Hellickson heave hell upon burgeoning Blue Crew-bashers? Will Kamir cough up a kidney if he climbs past the fifth inning? Will rascalsoftheravine face pampered scribes in a West Side Story-type rumble with switchblades? BRING IT ON SCRIBES! Until next time, mirth-seekers!!

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