Segedin Rages in His Blue Crew Debut

Zach Eflin?-plays-baseball

August 8, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

Rob Segedin finally got the call. We covered Rob during Spring Training, he had a boss March and we figured it wouldn’t be long before the invite to Chavez Ravine came. Things could have gone better, he could have gone three-for-three, but two bases-loaded hits and four RBIs ain’t bad. As a matter of fact, no Dodger has ever batted in four runs in his MLB debut.

The pitching woes continue as McCarthy appeared shaky throughout and lasted 3.2 innings. He only coughed up two runs, but put some wear on the bullpen as Fields, Chavez, Avilan, Blanton, Baez, and Jansen all had to go to work (Avilan coughed up three runs, but the rest of the ‘pen held firm). The final score: Dodgers 8, Red Sox 5.

The win was massive for the Blue Crew as it lifted them to just one game back of the hated ones. With crippling injuries to the starting staff, the fact that the Dodgers have bested the likes of Washington, Boston, and St. Louis is astounding (although they lost bouts with Arizona, Colorado, and split with the Devil Rays).

Instead of beating up on the crummy teams and getting stomped on by the big boys, the Dodgers seem to be doing the reverse, which makes predicting outcomes for the rest of the season a challenge. Will they beat up on the Cubs and Giants and get their butts kicked by Cincinnati and Philly? Who knows! We do know this, though. The bullpen continues to be the hero (Corey Seager ain’t bad either) as Dodger starters simply cannot get past the fifth (and often fourth) inning.

With all the injuries, one would assume the wheels would have come off long ago, but Los Dogs just keep hangin’ in. Tonight they begin their series against the Philadelphia Phillies. The Terrible Teen will take the hill against Zach Eflin at 7:10. Rich Hill (Urias is getting the start in his place) and his blister-covered body will start on Friday.

Will Zach Eflin and his effin’ boy band name best Blue Crew-bashers? Will Zac Efron sue? Will the Terrible Teen take out the trash so his mother will let him pitch at the Ravine tonight? Have rascalsoftheravine recovered from our stint at The Tonga Hut on Saturday? Stay tuned! Until next time, mirth-seekers!


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