Strip Doesn’t Tease, Pikachu to Pitch in Rubber Match

creepy pikachu

August 7, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

Los Dogs were 3-12 with runners in scoring position against the Red Sox yesterday, but managed to drum up three runs (Ellis, Seager, and Gonzalez each delivered). Stripling (he went five innings, of course, but looked great), Dayton (another rookie), Blanton, and Jansen got the job done and shut out Boston to even the series 1-1. Final score: Dodgers 3, Red Sox 0.

Reddick managed to get his first hit as a Dodger yesterday, which made for a wacky moment as he pumped his arms above his head like a little kid when he arrived at first. The dugout went wild and the ball was given to Reddick, of course. Later in the day, the Giants beat Washington, 7-1, so Los Dogs remain two games back in the NL West.

Pokemon Go has hit Dodger Stadium, and it’s ugly. We keep thinking some Pokezombie will slip on some nachos and tumble off the Top Deck in search of Pikachu…look out below! Seriously, fans on the field level might want to start wearing pickelhaubes…

The Red Sox will send David Price to the hill today. The Grim Mortician will get the start for Los Angeles. The Dodgers are hoping McCarthy can get back on track after a couple of tough starts where he didn’t make it out of the fourth inning.

Will David Price channel Vincent Price and try to out grim the Mortician? Will Pikachu take over for McCarthy in the fifth inning when he runs out of gas? Will Rich Hill’s body become completely covered with blisters before the season ends? Stay tuned! Until next time, mirth-seekers!

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