Brock Shocked by Rocks, Hershiser to Take Hill Today

Shocked by Rocks or Rocked by Shocks?

August 4, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

Nine earned runs. NINE! Final score: Rockies 12, Dodgers 2. Stewart’s ERA is now a girthy 14.00…say “hi” to Puig for us in OKC…

All the fluttering flags and cartwheeling clowns can’t mask the injuries. After picking up a couple of decent players from the A’s, Los Dogs have stunk up the Mile High City with poor pitching. McCarthy appears frazzled and Stewart’s AAA bound…maybe Orel will hop out of the booth and onto the mound…let’s show these kids who’s boss!

Maeda had a terrible outing in his last start, so it’s a cinch he’ll pitch great today, he rarely throws two clunkers in a row. He’s 9-7 with a 3.23 ERA at the mo. We’ll see if he can stop the bleeding in Colorado, ‘cause it ain’t gonna get any easier when Boston rolls into town…

As bleak as it looks for Los Dogs now, let’s face it, they’ve been up-and-down all season. Who knows what these next two months will bring? The Giants are getting healthier though, and we don’t any losing streaks in their future…

Tyler Chatwood (10-6 3.50 ERA) will take the hill today for the Rocks. You’d think with a name like Tyler Chatwood, that you’d have a bunch of Grammy Awards on your mantle for “Best Country Album of the Year”.

Will Chatwood chop-up Chase the Charmer? Will mighty Maeda manhandle LeMahieu? Will rascalsoftheravine’s Rams tickets ever arrive in the mail? Seriously, they should be here by now…stay tuned! Until next time, mirth-seekers!

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