Jansen Blows Another One, Enrages Wife

perry dork

July 23, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

Jansen did it again. All the blue curacaos in the world won’t dull the sting of a blown lead (or load) in St. Louis. Anemic Dodger bats didn’t help for the SEVEN EXTRA INNINGS they were forced to play…Los Dogs stranded rabbits all night long. Runners in scoring position with two outs? This team is ranked 29th in all of MLB…

The whole debacle was a damn, dirty shame as Brandon McCarthy’s fourth decent start was flat out wasted. He left the game with leg cramps. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Even worse are the pampered scribes who can’t get enough “sweet 16” references in (the game lasted 16 innings). It just shows you how dull and unimaginative those “experts” really are (if you can watch the MLB Network without vomiting, come forward to claim your prize).

We love that Puig still gets booed on the road, which is no surprise as 90% of pampered scribes (and opposing fans) are clueless to the state of Dodger affairs. The MLB Network uses clips of Puig to promote Dodger games as if it’s still 2013. News flash to major media morons: Puig hasn’t been great in three years. The Dodgers would trade him in a heartbeat if they could get anyone decent for him. Zaidi and Friedman couldn’t run a McDonalds, let alone the Dodgers, so there’s little hope there. Those clowns are actually looking at Chris Archer. Ugh.

Mediocre Maeda will take his 8-7 record to the hill today vs Mike Leake, endorser of incontinence garments. Will Maeda make minced meatloaf out of Midwestern mommymen? Will Leake use leech liquid to lambaste lackluster Dog logs? Stay tuned! Until next time, mirth-seekers!



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