The Dodgers Play Knock-Down Pins in The D-Backs’ Carnival Game

dodger knockdown

July 18, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

Until Justin Turner broke the dry spell in the eighth yesterday, the Dodgers had only scored one run in nineteen innings. The team rallied in the top of the ninth to bring them within a run of The Diamondbacks, but fell just short and lost the game (and the series). Final score: D-Backs 6, Dodgers 5.

Maeda gave up five runs in just over four innings worth of work. His record now stands at 8-7. Hatcher coughed up the deciding run in the bottom of the seventh. The Dodgers head to Washington will they will begin a three-game series with the Nationals on Tuesday.

knock down dodger 2

Puig and Van Slyke were both plunked by Ray yesterday. Are the Dodgers the knock-down dolls to the Diamondbacks’ carnival fun game? Roberts and a couple of the coaches had scathing looks aplenty, but no real action was taken. The pot is simmering though, and will probably boil over in the next series.

The Dodgers will roll out Shaky Scott Kazmir (he only lasted three innings in his last start) to face newbie, Reynaldo Lopez. The Dodgers swept the National League East-leading Nationals the last time the two teams faced each other. However, Clayton Kershaw led off that series, and the Dodgers won’t have that luxury this time.

Rascalsoftheravine posted our 100th article yesterday, and we can’t thank the readers enough for all your—haha! Just kidding! Not about our 100th post, but about the thanks. Who do you think we are, The Happy Friend Time Blog? Most of you are freaks…

Will Scott Kazmir castrate Clint Robinson? Will Reynaldo Lopez turn Taylor, Toles, and Turner into top sirloin? Will rascalsoftheravine reveal our righteous Rockford Files routine? Stay tuned! Seriously, we’re hooked…until next time mirth-seekers!


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