Orange Birds Bite Dogs on Machado’s Macho Mash


July 5, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

The Dodgers lost the game against the Baltimore Orioles tonight, 4-1. Los Dogs had won five-in-a-row entering the contest with the O’s. The team now sits five games behind the San Francisco Giants.

A three-run bomb by Manny Machado in the top of the fifth inning was the final blow to Maeda. He’d looked shaky all night, it appeared to be just a matter of time before Baltimore got to him. With the exception of Kershaw, Dodger starters have had problems getting past the fifth inning all season. Tillman pitched a fine game for Baltimore, holding Los Dogs to just one run on five hits.

How was your fourth? Did anyone go Jason Pierre-Paul? According to the Washington Post, Laker genius Nick Young picked up a lit cracker before it exploded in his hand (luckily Young was unharmed). Will these kids ever learn?

Tomorrow is a rare weekday 12:10 start at Dodger Stadium, rascalsoftheravine will be there in some crummy nosebleed seats to root on El Blue Crew.

The fact that the Dodgers are 48-38 and have a one-and-a-half game lead in the Wild Card standings is surprising considering the injuries to their starting rotation. Thanks to the Cubs and the Pirates, the Cardinals are only three games over .500 at 43-40. The Mets hold the second wild card spot behind the Dodgers over the Miami Marlins.

Los Dogs have played well over the past week, despite rascalsoftheravine’s harsh assessment of the team during the news of Kershaw’s injury. As we’ve said a few of times during this season, we’d love to be proven wrong. The Dodgers begin a four-game-series with the Padres on Thursday, their last series before the All-Star break. If the Dodgers can come within three or four games of the Giants, the second half could be very interesting.

Hey! As we mentioned above, rascalsoftheravine will defile Dodger Stadium with our presence for the final game against the Orioles at 12:10 on Wednesday! We’re not going to have time for El Compadre, but if anyone want to meet up for corn dog shots, leave a message on the blog…

Who DOES NOT sit behind home plate Part Two

 Jason Bateman DOES NOT sit behind home plate, but he does go to a lot of Dodger games. We used to see him all the time in the loge section, but we hardly sit in loge anymore so it’s been a while. Unless you’re a little kid or attractive woman (there’s no way you’re reading this blog if you’re either of those but…) we wouldn’t bother accosting poor Bateman. His face is a permanent mask of “get the fuck away from me” that we wouldn’t want to bother. We were huge fans of It’s Your Move back in the day, so we just leave him alone.

Bud Norris will get his second start for Los Dogs tomorrow. The Orioles will send Kevin Gausman to the hill. Will Gausman gas Grandal and Gonzalez? Will Norris nullify naughty Nolan’s numbers? Stay tuned! Until next time, mirth seekers!!!


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