Spielberg Bows Out Against Kershaw, E.T. Takes Hill


June 21, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

We’re glad Vin addressed his name-game gaffe last Saturday night. What gives, say you? During Friday’s broadcast, Scully started to promote the Clayton Kershaw/Stephen Strasburg match up, only he said “Spielberg” instead of Strasburg. Yeah, we know, leave the guy alone…we wouldn’t have mentioned it, but Scully brought it up Saturday night and made a joke out of it, so we figured it would be okay. Wait, hang on a sec, there’s a knock at the door…

Okay we’re back, nothing to worry about, it was just Sandra Hunt with a shotgun.

Dodger fans in attendance last night ended up happy (good thing they won, would be a bummer to buy a ticket for that marquee matchup and then have to witness a loss at the hands of Yusmeiro Petit). Strasburg or no (Kershaw earned his 11th win), last night’s contest was another humdinger for Kringle. He whacked his tenth home run of the year in the first inning off Petit and Los Dogs never looked back. Joc Pederson (who also seems to be on the upswing) knocked his thirteenth jack out in the fifth. Oh yeah, and there was that whole breaking the Dodgers’ all-time save record thing. Congrats, Kenley! Final score: Dodgers 4, Nationals 1.

The Dodgers have won their fourth game in-a-row and hope to take the series against Washington tonight.

Tanner Roark takes the hill for the Nats tonight. We have to wonder if his parents were Bad News Bears fans. Bullpen killer Scott Kazmir (he hasn’t seen the sixth inning in a while) will start for Los Dogs. Will Tanner target torrid timely top-notch Turner? Will Kazmir keelhaul conniving curmudgeonly cantankerous Clint Robinson? Stay tuned! Until next time, mirth seekers!



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