Dodgers Lose to Brewers, Start Fight Club in Dugout

bern's chalet

June 17, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

We’ve been asking for the Dodgers to show some fight, and last night they did just that! Justin Turner got up in Grandal’s grill after Yasmani’s base running gaffe in the sixth inning. The Dogs ended up losing the game, 8-6, but at least they showed a little fire as they came back twice to tie (3rd and 6th innings).

Turner and Grandal say it’s over, Grandal even added his thoughts on the positive sides to player clashes. The whole affair started our gears turning as we wondered which MLB stars we’d like to see duke it out. Check for our “MLB Cage Match” section in Saturday’s post!

We can grumble all we want about the Dodgers not being in the World Series for the last 27 years, but can you imagine being a Brewers fan? On the other hand, an afternoon with Bernie Brewer and some brats sounds pretty good. So what if they haven’t been to the World Series since 1982? Don’t worry Milwaukee, we used to say the same thing about Kansas City. Look at them now. Look at the Dodgers now. Where’s our beer-swilling mascot when we need him?

Pampered scribes are in a tizzy about Ryan Braun possibly making the scene with the Dodgers. We say pull the trigger on that, Jack. Braun’s pop is just what Los Dogs need, because the Wild Card victor won’t come out of the N.L. West (not that the Dodgers could get past the first round even if they did squeak in, but it would sure be fun to see them upend the Giants).

The Dodgers scream-teen, Julio Urias, will take the hill tonight versus Zach Davies. Urias’ premature appearance in the big show tells you the state of the Dodgers rotation at the moment, although the bespectacled teenager has improved with every start.

Will Davies deliver death to doomed Dodger dingsmen? Will Urias usurp unsightly-uniformed upstarts? Will rascalsoftheravine ravage the Rolos resting on a rack at the round-the-corner Ralphs? Stay tuned! Until next time, mirth seekers!


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