Seager Smokes 3 Home Runs Out Of Braves’ Peace Pipe

peace pipe

June 3, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

The Dodgers won the series opener against the bottom-of-the-heap Braves tonight, 4-2. Corey Seager continues to cave-in mass minds as he smoked three home runs off of the Braves’ tomahawk tossers. Thompson trounced Teheran for a titanic shot in the bottom of the fifth inning as well.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride Los Angeles, who knows how long this will last? Will Seager and Thompson fall the way of Joc Pederson and Yasiel Puig, brash early flashes and down-the-line doldrums?

The win tonight comes after a four-game series loss in Chicago, a city where they still privately dread the curse, but publicly will shake it off like a meth head in denial. They’ve got “high apple pie in-the-sky hopes.” We probably would too, looking at their amazing year so far…and that shoot-em-up rotation…but then there’s that goat…

Maeda’s appearance in the top five had been delayed a day as he’d taken a screaming liner off his business hand in NYC. Perhaps the extra day off served him well (they only pitch every six to seven days in Japan) as he only coughed up one earned run in 6.1 innings worth of work.

Scott Van Slyke returned to the show tonight. He’d been nursing that bum back in Oklahoma City-AAA. With Justin Turner barely hitting over .100 in May, a healthy Van Slyke could be just what Los Dogs need.

We forgot to tell Van Smash to say hi to the cats at Wiener Up (It’s a hot dog cart, not a Midwestern Chippendales, we know what those randy minds were thinking) for us! We NEVER do plugs, but Wiener Up throw down a mean dog…they were also one of our first Twitter followers.  Do yourself a favor and hit up Wiener Up if you’re in Bricktown sometime. Check out their cool shirts and Twitter page (@HotDogOKC) as well!

Lookout for Kershaw to make mincemeat out of the hit-starved, sad sack Braves tomorrow. Bud Norris will take the hill for ailing Atlanta, could he…no…just no… the Dodgers will take this series like candy from a drooling, malformed, poorly nourished-baby. To hell with that baby, he was looking at us funny!

Until tomorrow, mirth seekers!!!!


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