Nanny Umps Toss Thor, Mary Poppins Pleased

mary p

May 29, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

Maybe the Dodgers and the Mets should just hug it out. The Chase Utley Appreciation Society will be in full force this evening at Citi Field, good thing they cancelled “Live Grenade Night”.

Don’t get us wrong, we love hate-filled rivalries, but home plate ump, Adam Hamari, pulled the trigger way too fast on Syndergaard. A warning would have been the right way to go, Utley himself appeared stunned at the ejection. A lot of people came out to see Thor, why rob all those fans? As cool as Utley’s revenge was, we’d rather see the Dodgers beat the Mets best…

So how should the two teams handle the tension? Should Joe Torre arrange couples counseling for Roberts and Collins? Maybe they can settle this through a paintball battle? Laser tag?

One thing’s for sure, Citi Field is going to be rockin’ like a Tasmanian Devil in a bouncy house when Utley comes to the plate tonight (.556 off Colon in 18 at-bats). Will there be any surreal on-field battles like when Pedro Martinez played matador to a charging Don Zimmer? Maybe. Tonight’s game is the last time they’ll face each other this season (you know how we feel about the the Dodgers’ playoff chances…not good) there could be guys on either team that want to get a parting shot or two in.

Will Kershaw clam-up Mets mashers? Will Colon keelhaul Dodger dingsmen? Will rascalsoftheravine reel in the rampant alliteration? We’re worse than the writers for Cheaters! Until next time, mirth seekers!!!!

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