DeGrom Tops Teen, Dogs Battle Thor at Four


May 28, 2016 by Shannon Michael Smith

4:00 Pacific is the start time for today’s Dodger matchup versus the Asgardian god of thunder. The Dogs are hoping Maeda can make it happen after the Mets’ ninth inning walk-off last night.

The Teenager’s fumbling fingers showed on his hot first date with the Mets. Urias (theteenager7 is his Twitter handle) couldn’t get past third base, or the third inning rather. Mets mashers scored three runs in the first and loaded the bases in the third (Urias walked four altogether) to send the acne-challenged lad packing. We smell a Clearasil endorsement coming!

Chase Utley had some fun with the fans as he hit a base-clearing double in the top of the ninth to tie the game. New York fans will undoubtedly show their vocal appreciation for Utley today with added vigor.

Regrettably, had to delay our California League series, due to additional tweaks we’re making to the final version. Rest assured, it will be a fun-filled gonzo journey into the heart of California desert baseball, stay tuned!

We gotta admit, the Mets looked sharp in their throwbacks last night. It’s been thirty years since their ’86 Championship and the celebration continues all weekend. They ought to wear those unis all season, did you dig those side stripes?

Hmmmmm October 1986…what were we doing then?

We weren’t listening to Don Johnson’s “Heartbeat” which was in the top ten at the time…we WERE playing “London 0, Hull 4” by The Housemartins at top volume, though. Want to really feel the love of ’86 while you watch the game today? Buy a pack of Djarum Cloves and smoke up, Johnny!

Will Syndergaard slice-up subpar So-Cal sticks? Will Maeda maul Mets mashers into mild meekness? Is New York alright if you like saxophones? Stay tuned! Until next time, mirth seekers!!!!

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